Tights for running in the test |Runner's World

Tights for running in the test |Runner's World

Tights for running in the test |Runner's World

If it gets cooler, the running clothing will also be longer.The shorts become Tights at many runners.Compared to casual cut jogging pants, Tights have some advantages:

So it is worthwhile to use the Tight.We explain how you find the right copy for yourself and then show current models that we have tested ourselves.

Directly to the test

You should consider this before buying running speeds

1.Temperature: In the transition period, thin functional die made of polyester and elastane are usually sufficient.Thermo-tenschts are only recommended in really winter conditions.General recommendations as to when you should switch from the short to Tight and switch from there to Thermo-Tight are difficult to give.Trying out here is best, because this is how you learn to better assess your personal feeling of cold.

2.Cut: Little is worse than a tight that rubs, pinches or slips after a few kilometers.Therefore, pay attention to a cut that fits your body shape.The design of the federal government is a matter of taste: some feel a somewhat wider variant as pleasant, others prefer to have classic bundle degrees.As always, trying to try out false purchases.

3.Comfort: Many manufacturers offer nice extras on the running trousers.A zip pocket in the back in the middle is a good storage location for the cell phone when running, pockets on the outer thighs, on the other hand, are practical for handkerchiefs or the front door key.A wide, high covenant can sit particularly comfortably and thus contribute to the feel-good factor.

4.Security: If the safety aspect is particularly important when running.Bright legs in motion are particularly easy to see and, for example, show drivers better that it is a current person.

Current tights in the test

We have tested models of different manufacturers.Read the results here-first come the men's models, then the Tights that we tested in the women's version.

Thoni Mara Long Tight Kona für Männer


The Tight Kona by Thoni Mara is ultraich, which is the first thing to do.And it lies closely, "just like tights" said one of the testers spontaneously.In addition, the pants are cut long, below to good to the ankles, above-and that is something special for men's degrees-up to the belly (navel).That even warms the kidney area.The material is extremely stretchy - just "tights" - and very breathable.Despite the thin feel, the Tight warms up well thanks to its two -layer fabric construction, so it can still be recommended even at cooler temperatures by 0 degrees.Different weaving techniques adapt the material density and quality to the respective requirements of the different leg areas.The Tight comes out with just one seam in the inner leg area.A zip pocket in the tail area offers space for cell phone and bar and is occupied with a reflector."Even with the Tight, the feeling is almost how to run without a tight," said a tester praising."The optics are extremely sporty and does not conceal anything," said another tester.

Conclusion: This very breathable, tight -fitting Tight can be used sensibly at temperatures up to freezing and is also ideal for the fastest running (competitions).

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 10 points Functionality: 10 points

Sizes: XS-XLMAFT: 60% polyamide, 35% polypropylene, 5% elasthannach contents: Thoni Mara produces its products in Germany.The fabrics are from "recycled waste" says the manufacturer.RRP: 70 euros

Asics Icon Tight für Männer


Order here: Asics Icon Tight for men

You can call the icon-tight of Asics as an iconic classic."A Tight for all running life situations" said a tester who has been running for decades.The cut is long to the ankle in the leg and reaches over the hips upstairs.The hip federation is extra wide and offers a cord around the waist.The tight -fitting design is not a single, calm to be comfortable.The fabric is firmer woven, but passes moisture well from the skin, dries quickly.Only with extremely strong sweating due to super -fast races and lawn remained slight wet spots in the bump area.The Tight is particularly suitable for temperatures below 10 degrees.All -round reflective caps and logos ensure good visibility in the dark.An open pocket in cell phone size is incorporated into the waistband on the inside of the couch.

Conclusion: "This is the perfect all-round tight for-almost-all running rights", that was the conclusion of the testers.Especially in the autumn transition period, it is a pleasant companion in all permanent runs.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 8 points Functionality: 8 points

Sizes: XS-2XL Material: 92% polyester, 8% elastane sustainability: partly use of recycled fabrics.RRP: 55 euros

Brooks Source Tight für Männer


A detail immediately catches the eye of the source Tight of Brooks: the two large pockets on the right and left on the outside of the legs.“A lot fits in if necessary.During the test it was even a shirt, which disappeared, ”reported a test runner.The Tight is cut long, extends to almost over the ankles, a flat, somewhat wider waistband reaches well over the hips, can be individually adjusted thanks to the cord train.The fit of the Tight describes Brooks very appropriately as "slim".The material is easily stretchy, lies comfortably on the skin, does not rub, and is characterized by good breathing activity.The tissue properties make the Tight make sense for running at cooler temperatures.

Conclusion: "Semi-compressive" Tight for every running pace from slow to fast, also ideally suited at low temperatures.The two large leg pockets are striking.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 9 points Functionality: 8 points

Sizes: XS-XXL material: 78% polyester, 22% elasthannach contents: bluesign-certified.RRP: 70 euros

Here you will find seals for sustainability

Lululemon Surge Tight 22 für Männer


This rather thin running comes with all sorts of clever details.The most striking is the unusual 7/8 leg length-the pants stop well above the ankle.Lululemon offers the same Tight but also in full length.The material is generally rather thin and extremely stretchy.The fit is tight and yet convenient.There is a thin, mesh -like structure on the inside of the thigh and in the area of the knee throats, which ensures high breathing activity.Nice feature: Inner trousers keep everything in the man - something that other manufacturers should also do.The Tight also has four open stretch bags: two outside on the outside of the hip and two inside above the buttocks.All bags offer enough space for a smartphone.Reflectors on the side of the leg degrees and on the left calf ensure visibility.

Tights fürs Laufen im Test | RUNNER'S WORLD

Conclusion: The Lululemon running gage is of high quality, has clever details and is ideal for autumn and winter days until just below the freezing point.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 10 points Functionality: 10 points

Sizes: XS.XXL material: 84% nylon, 16% elastane, contrast material 91% nylon, 9% elasthanuvp: 98 euros

Saucony Solstice 2.0 Tight für Männer


This ongoing tight comes in black only with reflectors above the left knee and on the leg closures.The pants are smooth on the outside, lined with a soft fleece inside.The fit is tight and very convenient.There seems to be a little more space in the area of the knee, so that it is not restricted freedom of movement.A large zip pocket on the right buttocks takes up a smartphone, key and if necessary also a gel.Unfortunately, the contents of the bag can be felt directly on the gluteal muscle with every step - it would be better if the bag were placed in the middle.Conclusion: The running tight of Saucony is ideal for cooler temperatures even below the freezing point and despite the warming feeding, every movement participates.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 8 points Functionality: 8 points

Sizes: S-XXL material: 79% polyester, 21% spandex sustainability: The polyester is made of recycled material.RRP: 80 euros

Reebok Speedwick Tight für Männer


Order here: Reebok Speedwick Tight for Men

Black and simple this is running from Reebok.In details, only a reflective brand logo on the left shin and a buttocks in which a smaller smartphone fits are to be mentioned.The narrow waistband can be set with a pull tape.The really very thin material hugs the skin comfortably without restricting.Accordingly, the Tight does not offer any weather or cold protection, as a lot of air gets to the skin while running.

Conclusion: The Reebok Speedwick Tight is not for ice cold and rainy days, but rather for the brisk training at temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 7 points Functionality: 7 points

Sizes: XS-2XLMaterial: 91% Polyester, 9% ElasthanNachhaltigkeit: Der Polyester-Anteil besteht aus Recycling-Material.RRP: 50 euros

Anita Sport Tights Massage für Frauen


Order here: Anita Sport Tights Massage

"Admittedly: I was skeptical," said a tester of Anita with regard to the promised massage function.After the practical test, a tester then confirmed: "In fact, this pants feel like a light massage!".This is ensured by the fabric structure with its fine arches on the inside.So from the outside they are not visible.The material is relatively thick and therefore a bit warming, as well as nicely stretchy.The federal government sits very high, which leaves a lot of freedom of movement in the hip area and was well received in the test.A small zip pocket or storage option for the front door key was missing.There was praise for the style factor: in addition to classic black, there is also a python or leopard pattern to choose from.

Conclusion: a running though with massage elements and in exceptional pattern variants.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 9 points Functionality: 7 points

Sizes: 36-48 material: 71% polyamide, 29% elasthanuvp: 119.95 euros

Under Armour Meridian Ankle-Leggings für Frauen


Order here: Under Armor leggings for women

This is districted with an incredibly soft, cuddly comfort.She feels like a delicate, second skin, gave a tester to record.The federal government is also quite high at the Under Armor Meridian Ankle-Eggings, and the elastic conclusion is also particularly wide-very pleasant!There are two insertion bags for little things, each on the thigh.The fabric thickness is moderate, so neither particularly thick or thin.However, since the Tight has a slightly shorter length according to the currently fashionable requirement, the pants are more recommended at temperatures above freezing point - depending on their cold sensation with longer socks.

Conclusion: Super comfortable Tight in fashionably trendy length and with good functionality.Well suited for runs at plus degrees.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 10 points Functionality: 8 points

Sizes: XS-XLMaterial: 72% Nylon, 28% ElasthanUVP: 65 Euro

Adidas Feelbrilliant Designed To Move Tight für Frauen


Order here: Adidas Feelbriliant Tight for women

At first glance, the Tight of Adidas is a solid standard tens.Extends to the ankle, the waistband is high and nice wide, the functional fabric soft on the skin.A tester particularly cleverly found the insert bag on the back of the inner bundle (above the buttocks): "So I can take a key on the way, but the pants have just as well wear for yoga, without a zipper disturbing me," says the tester.Good to know: According to our test feedback, the Tights is minimally larger.

Conclusion: Functional multi-talent with great functionality for runs through autumn and winter, but is also suitable for the gymnastics mat.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 9 points Functionality: 9 points

Sizes: 2xS-XLMAFT: 75% polyester, 25% elasthannach contents: The polyester is recycled.RRP: 40 euros

On Tights Long für Frauen


Order here: ON TIMES for women

The On Tights Long is certainly the model with the most details in our test.First, the offset knee areas, which were made of particularly elastic material.Reflecting strips are attached above and below the knees.The pants cover the legs completely.There are zippers in the ankle area for relieved dressing.On the federal government, the body height is somewhat lower than with the other women's models in the test.However, the federal government is comfortable: a wide range of fabric as a final ensures that nothing cuts.The width can also be regulated by a tie ribbon.In order to take little things like the key and handkerchiefs, the Long Tights have three pockets integrated into the waistband (two smaller, a larger one).All three have a fabric overpress to keep things from falling out, with one there is also a small ribbon to which the key can be secured securely."No zippers bother so, but I still have a sure feeling while running," said a tester.The haptics of the fabric could be a little finer, but this is easily made up for by the many clever details.

Conclusion: Well thought -out running pants for relaxed runs - especially a little longer, because in the Tight there are quite a few utensils space.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 8 points Functionality: 9 points

Sizes: XS-XLMaterial: 65% Polyamid, 35% Elasthan; Knie-Einsatz 94% Polyamid, 6% ElasthanNachhaltigkeit: Gesamtanteil 50% recyceltes Material, Polyamid zu 80% recycelt.RRP: 119.95 euros

Goldwin Inspiration Long Tights für Frauen


The inspiration of Long Tights from Goldwin is initially inconspicuous: monochrome, long leg, cut normally high on the waistband (convenient, wide rubber bond), the two small logos are reflective.Some concentration is required when putting on, because this Tight should sit with compression effect and is therefore particularly tight.When wearing, however, this is hardly significant: "I was amazed that I didn't really feel my pants anymore," said a tester.

Conclusion: highly functional tights with compression.Since the material is quite thin, definitely recommended for temperatures in the plus range.

Point rating Comfortable comfort: 8 points Functionality: 10 points

Sizes: S, L'Material: 75% nylon, 25% polyurethane RRP: 120 euros

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