Nonsense for a whopping $170: what Melania Trump wants to make money with now

Nonsense for a whopping $170: what Melania Trump wants to make money with now

Nonsense for a whopping $170: what Melania Trump wants to make money with now

Digital art fuss for a whopping $170 – which Melania Trump now wants to make money with

Former First Lady Melania Trump has found a new outlet: She sells her own digital art on her website. So far with moderate success.

"My vision is to look ahead with inspiration, strength and courage," says Melania Trump with an unmistakable accent from her Slovenian homeland. The sentence is part of a work of art. Because the former First Lady and wife of ex-President Donald Trump has found a new field of activity. She makes in NFT (Non-Fungible Token) - in digital art. More precisely, she wants to make money with it.

Gedöns für stolze 170 Dollar: Womit Melania Trump jetzt Geld machen möchte

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"Melania's Vision" is the name of the work of art that has been available on Trump's website since Thursday. On display is a "breathtaking watercolor painting" by Marc-Antoine Coulon that shows the former First Lady's "cobalt blue eyes" - and provides the collector with an "amulet of inspiration," according to a statement. Melania Trump fans can secure the artwork for $170. But hardly anyone wants it.

Melania Trump sold just 11 artworks as of Friday night

However, this Melania is not for hanging up. Digital art with NFTs are digitally protected objects that are then delivered to the buyer as a certificate. This is, so to speak, proof that it is an original. The Melania art is a limited edition. The stock is currently given as 985 pieces on the website melaniatrump.com/eyes-nft. A portion of the proceeds will benefit children in need in the United States. But Melania Trump does not say exactly what percentage she wants to pay for the good cause. But she doesn't skimp on self-praise: she can finally bring her passion for art and her commitment to children together, she writes on Twitter.

So far, however, the rush has been limited. The transaction history is displayed on the Solana sales platform. According to this, only eleven pieces of the digital work of art with the Melania eyes have been sold so far. Apparently not even die-hard Trump fans are willing to pay money for the token – especially not a whopping $170.