NBA News: Enes Kanter will change its name and will become US citizens from Monday

NBA News: Enes Kanter will change its name and will become US citizens from Monday

NBA News: Enes Kanter will change its name and will become US citizens from Monday

Enes Kanter, Center of the Boston Celtics, will change its name in Enes Kanter Freedom and from Monday American citizens will be.This reported Shams Charania from The Athletic.Kanter shared the corresponding tweet in his storyline.

From now on, the canter should become the second first name, accordingly it is quite possible that Freedom will now adorn the jersey of the previous Turks.Freedom was already on his Jersey in the Bubble of Orlando in 2020, as a player was allowed to send a social message in exceptional cases.

In the recent past, the 29-year-old, who was born in Zurich, often pointed out social grievances and raised his voice.The latest "victim" in the course of the duel Celtic against Lakers was LeBron James because of his sponsor Nike.

NBA News: Enes Kanter ändert seinen Namen und wird ab Montag US-Bürger

"Money stands for the 'king' above morality," wrote Kanter before the game: "It is sad and disgusting, as these athletes claim that they are concerned with social justice.But if Big Boss China wants it that way, 'Keep the flap and dribble'."He was directly addressed to James:" Did you find out about the slave work that is responsible for your shoes, or is that not part of your research? "His shoes in that game adorned an illustration on which James before China's PresidentXi Jinping lifted while he put on a crown.

Kanter: Criticism of China and Turkey beforehand

It was not the first alluding to Kanter on the human rights situation in China: in October he was wearing the Knicks shoes with the inscription "Free Tibet", as a result the transfer of the encounter in China was stopped.On social media he announced in a video message: "Tibet belongs to the Tibetans, I am here to raise my voice and to pronounce what happens in Tibet under the brutal rule of the Chinese government."He described Xi Jinping as" brutal dictator ".

Previously, Kanter had already gone on a confrontation course with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.When Kanter was under contract with the Knicks in 2019, he waived the Global Game in London because he was afraid of his life on European soil: "Unfortunately, I will not be there because of this madman, the Turkish President.There is a possibility that I will be killed there."He had previously outed himself as a supporter of the Gülen movement against the President.In 2017 he was held at the Bucharest airport and his Turkish passport was invalid.

From a sporting point of view, it was recently quiet around Kanter.For the Celtics, he has 4.2 points in 11.2 minutes in the current season.In the rotation, Al Horford, Robert Williams III or Grant Williams are in front of him, among others.